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Praise for Trump You

"Art Cohen had the guts to take on Donald Trump, and he helped reveal the fraud at the very core of Trump’s self-promotion. The story of Trump University is a gripping tale of ego and deceit, and it exposes the con man who became president. And no one can tell it better than Cohen." 

-David Corn

Co-author, Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump


“In telling the story of how he took on and defeated Donald Trump in court, Cohen recounts his true story so incredibly that you’ll forget it’s nonfiction. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to explore the depth of Trump’s breathtaking dishonesty and deception.”

-Senator Dave Cortese



"Art Cohen infuses life, tension and intrigue into this work, making it a very engaging read."


"Art Cohen wanted payback for himself and fellow Trump University victims.  He didn't expect a David-versus-Goliath legal battle against the new U.S. president.  This book is engaging and meaningful.  I'm glad Art has decided to share his story." 

-Mayor Darcy Paul

Cupertino, CA

"Cohen's book is absolutely riveting.  He tells his story in a way that no one else can."  

-Sari Wisch

Vice President, West County Democratic Club, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

"Cohen’s 'David and Goliath' page-turner will keep you on your toes as you join his one-man fight to take down our nation’s most undemocratic figure. This underdog story is an against-all-odds legal struggle told with vivid color and personal touches. Cohen’s humor and heart shines through in this inspiring saga." 

-Tara Sreekrishnan

Governing Board member, Santa Clara County, California Board of Education*

For those fascinated, bemused or perhaps still a little shell-shocked by recent American political history, but wanting to learn more about the 45th President, this would make an enlightening read.


5 /5 Stars-"MUST READ"

Reedsy Discovery

4 /4 Stars-"A Stunning Slam Dunk of An Indictment"

Self-Publishing Review

4 /4 Stars-"Most interesting non-fiction book I have ever read"


"An enlightenning read"

LoveReading UK

"...a page-turner that reads like best of fiction—but it's not"


My Battle with Donald Trump's Fake University

Trump University was the most expensive legal defeat of Donald Trump’s career—but even though he settled for $25 million, he still got off too easy.

Years before his White House run, the reality TV star and real estate scion launched a for-profit education initiative — Trump University, or TrumpU for short — in which he promised to share his real estate secrets at seminars held in hotel ballrooms.

As it turned out, Trump University wasn’t an actual university and didn’t feature Trump’s secrets. The scam suckered thousands of unsuspecting victims out of their hard-earned money. And it fueled a tense legal battle that should have derailed Trump’s presidential run in 2016.

TRUMP YOU:  Promises, Lies, And Corruption: My Battle with Donald Trump’s Fake University recounts the inside story of the TrumpU legal saga through the eyes of Art Cohen, a student-victim who personally sued Donald Trump in federal court in 2013 and had a private view of Trump during the height of his presidential campaign. Cohen’s role as lead plaintiff in the RICO case Cohen v. Trump (3:2013cv02519) was a David vs. Goliath moment, a chance to help those who were harmed by fraud and deceit. Cohen co-wrote the book with investigative journalist Dan Good.

As lead plaintiff against Donald Trump, Art Cohen witnessed a secret conversation in December 2015 between Trump and his attorney that reflected Trump’s corrupt intent, his impulse to do anything and attack whomever he believed was a roadblock. During that hot-mic conversation, Trump showed his tendency to speak in code. Directives were easy to miss to the untrained ear, but they represented subliminal calls to action to his supporters and enablers.   Click Here to Watch Video!

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Why it Matters

All these years later, TrumpU seems quaint—but in fact, it foreshadowed the devastation, bloodshed, and corruption that defined Trump’s presidency. He operated the federal government similarly to Trump University by stocking Washington with his “hand-picked experts,” misinforming the public with a flurry of lies, tricking unsuspecting people into losing everything, then spending years avoiding accountability for his criminal activity.

Trump’s not-so-veiled language to a mob in Washington on January 6, 2021 incited an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. Fueling the deadly uprising—a stain on our country’s democracy—reflected an extension of the tactics he used throughout the Trump University ordeal.  And the recent indictments of The Trump Organization and CFO Allen Weisselberg have brought new attention to the rampant fraud carried out under Donald Trump’s watch.

A Fake University, A Secret Conversation,

An Illegitimate President

Silent No Longer

Why It Matters
About Me

Art Cohen wasn’t involved in national politics when he sued Donald Trump. He only hoped to right a wrong for thousands of scammed students and get their money back. He didn’t expect to find himself stuck in a battle of wills with the man who would become President of the United States. Cohen stayed silent for years about his experiences out of deference to his fellow Trump University victims, but with the settlement money distributed, he isn’t staying silent any longer.

About the Book

TRUMP YOU  reveals never-before-shared details of the Trump University legal saga that come from private conversations, notes, and recollections. The authors have also obtained fresh interviews with key figures associated with the Trump University legal battle.



About the Author

Art Cohen, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, enrolled in Trump University in 2009 to become a real estate developer. After spending tens of thousands of dollars while getting nothing of value in return, he joined a lawsuit against Trump University in 2011 and became a lead plaintiff in 2013. He continued in this role through the $25 million settlement in November 2016 and subsequent payouts for Trump University's thousands of victims. Cohen was endorsed by Congressman Ro Khanna and elected president of the Silicon Valley Democratic Club and now serves as Vice-Chair for the Santa Clara County Moscow Sister City Commission and is an International Rotary member.

Copyright  (C) 2019-22 Art Cohen  All Rights Reserved. 

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